Meet Joe

Meet Joe

Meet Joe

A service-driven design leader that excels at unifying teams and developing high-performing people.

I have helped establish, manage, and strengthen amazing product design and research teams to deliver experiences they are proud of. Despite over a combined twenty years of working in consulting, and corporate environments—I am a student of lifelong learning, and expanding my appreciation in all things design.


Years of Experience


Different Industries


Career Direct Reports

Business and User-Centered Expertise

With a holistic approach to product development, I bring together my expertise in strategic business thinking and user-centered design to create exceptional products and experiences. By continuously identifying well-considered opportunities for growth and innovation, I conduct competitor analyses, heuristic evaluations, generate innovative ideas, stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends, and deliver compelling investor presentations.

“The best manager I’ve ever had, and an inspiring team leader.”

In addition, I prioritize both user and business needs in my design work, excelling in web and app UI design, wireframing, interactive prototyping, design systems, interaction and environmental explorations, and multi-sensorial design. Through ethnographic research, empathy mapping, user flows, user testing, and stakeholder workshops, I create intuitive and user-friendly experiences that drive long-term retention and success. Let me help you create products that stand out from the competition, exceed user expectations, and drive business growth.

Global Mentor

Recognized among the top 1% ADPList design mentor, former AIGA director, now with Design Lab, my years of experience enable me to provide effective guidance to ensure designers’ success.

Trusted Advisor

Have led as a senior advisor for Fortune 15 companies, offering insights and guidance for growth. I help teams navigating complex challenges and seizing new opportunities.

Core Values

I believe in a set of core values that guide my work and inspire others. With a commitment to integrity, empathy, and collaboration, I strive to make a positive impact in all that I do.


I’m seen as a culture starter who sets the tone for proactive collaboration. Through my leadership and example, I cultivate inclusivity, respect, and excellence that brings out the best in everyone.