Corporate Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Corporate Leadership

Led product design across account services, support, and voice communication SaaS work streams.

As a dedicated consultant and design leader, I fostered collaboration between the UX, product, and tech teams, ensuring they worked in lock-step towards a common vision. By driving our UX team to produce insights that enhance the customer journey, I future-proofed our value differentiator in the industry. Overall, my ability to bring together different teams and drive innovation has been essential in positioning our company as a leader in the competitive business landscape.

I successfully rolled out a vision at scale that allowed customers to self-onboard, install, and execute support ad hoc, leading to a significant reduction in call volume and achieved the main business goal. I oversaw a full re-platform of the 'my account' and 'help and support' features for both web and native apps, championing a user-centric team environment throughout the project.

“His product design experience enabled strategic problem-solving for short and long-term solutions.”

I had the privilege of collaborating closely with our designers and developers to bring unique concepts to life, such as the microinteractions that allowed our customers to easily restart their modems. Working together, we were able to create a seamless and intuitive experience that provided significant value to our customers. It was truly exciting to see our ideas come to life through the skills and expertise of our team, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such a talented group of individuals.

Revolutionized ‘Help and Support’ to better enable the customers experience.

As a key member of the product design team at Comcast, I helped lead the redesign of our help and support feature. We conducted extensive research via card sorting, usability tests, and user interviews to better understand the needs and pain points of our users. This process allowed us to gain valuable insights into how users interacted with the help and support feature and informed the design decisions we made moving forward.

In addition, we utilized Object-Oriented UX (OOUX) to align stakeholders in the business and engineering before finalizing the design. This approach allowed us to create a scalable pattern library that leveraged existing flagship components along with those unique to the help and support experience. The end result was a user-friendly and intuitive help and support feature that greatly improved the customer experience. I’m proud to have played a leadership role in this project and to have helped drive innovation and user-centered design at Comcast.

Dedicated to crafting exceptional product experiences at Comcast.

My time at Comcast was defined by a deep commitment to creating exceptional product experiences that exceeded customer expectations. As a leader on the product design team, I worked alongside a talented group of designers, researchers, and developers who shared this same passion for excellence. Together, we were driven to craft intuitive, user-centered designs that were backed by rigorous research and testing.

Our team’s dedication to product experiences was evident in every project we undertook. From the redesign of help and support to the development of new features and products, we approached each challenge with a focus on creating meaningful solutions that met the needs of our customers. This unwavering commitment to excellence allowed us to deliver outstanding products that not only met, but exceeded customer expectations. It was an honor to work with such a dedicated team and to be a part of an organization that prioritized innovation and user-centered design.